Expand your skill set into the world of animation. we welcome Students who have earned Degrees/Diploma in 3D Animation with the brightest and most imaginative minds in the animation business to become a part of our team. At the heart of We Bros Animation is the desire to tell great stories and inspire audiences. We are dedicated to building a positive work environment and creating opportunities for advancement.

Our company culture not only encourages employees to create but also to innovate and, ultimately, to have fun. We’re always looking to the future, for both creative talent and the dedicated craftspeople that bring ground breaking new ideas to life. If you are interested in joining We Bros Media and discovering more about our different career resources, we encourage you to explore our website and learn more

Present Openings


Animators are responsible for bringing characters (animals and human figures) to life by establishing the movement and personality to create character performances

  • Portfolio work or demo reel
  • Focus on different styles of emotion: subtle as well as broad moments, use of comedy, drama, and subtext
  • Reels should also focus on a diversity of character personalities to create entertaining and emotionally driven believable performances
  • Strong understanding of Maya or equivalent 3d software preferred
  • Traditional animation skills helpful



A texture artist’s job is to paint surface textures on animated characters, environments, and props. The number of textures animators work with is endless and may include things such as wrinkles, fur, scales, sweat, and mud. In some cases, the textures used in animation cannot be found in real life. In these instances, the texture artist invents his own textures using his imagination and creativity skills.

  • Ability to texture in several specified styles
  • Texture paint 3D characters, props, and sets within Maya and Photoshop
  • Set up Maya shaders/shader networks and use them to achieve desired looks.
  • In-depth understanding of color theory and application.



Using computer programs and illustrations to create graphics and animation. Working with a team of animators and artists. Editing animations and effects based on feedback from directors, clients or other team members

  • Strong Adobe After Effects skills
  • Strong Adobe Photoshop,Premiere pro and Illustrator skills
  • Strong creative thinking, exhibiting a range or varied styles and techniques
  • Ability to create high quality content within short deadlines


Modelers build complex 3D models including organic characters and articulated set and prop models. These artists work with a team of artists, including Visual Development Artists and Character TDs to interpret designs, and build and refine models for production.

  • Strong working knowledge/ understanding of Maya as well as current modeling software (Z-Brush, Mudbox)
  • Experience with Blend Shapes
  • Experience with Facial Modeling
  • Scripting (MEL, PERL, CSH) background a plus
  • Previous experience with traditional 3D sculpting a plus
  • Knowledge of anatomy a plus
  • Problem solving skills and a good eye for appeal required




Character riggers are experts at manipulating the geometry of characters in their interaction with environments. Character riggers accomplish this through a thorough understanding of physics and anatomy, operating systems such as UNIX, and software such as Autodesk Maya, Motion Builder, 3D Studio Max, and XSI.

  • Strong working knowledge/understanding of Maya
  • Demonstrate skills in rigging, cloth/hair simulation
  • Problem solving ability



Translate story ideas into visual sequences. By working with other members of the production team, they must also convey the essence of storyline, scene structure, character emotion, and create action and humour in alignment with the overall direction of the video.

  • Strong gestural draftsman ship, the ability to draw very loosely and roughly yet with clarity in character appeal and acting
  • Versatile range of character-driven story sequences preferred.
  • Showcase through a variety of genres and conveyed emotion including: comedy, action, romance, suspense, drama and musical
  • Strong understanding of acting and entertainment value
  • Life Drawings required
  • Sketchbook samples, animal zoo drawings required
  • Uploaded multipage PDF portfolios or digital animatics preferred